Moving Forward

Sometimes you go camping.  You hike in, pitch the tent, start the fire, and when the sun goes down you tell stories.  Reminiscing and reinforcing can be a vital spice amongst the fare of life.  Unplugging from the 9-to-5 and reconnecting with Reality can be just what the doctor ordered.

But that’s not what life is about.  Stasis is a valuable tool for catching one’s breath and getting one’s bearings, but life is about bending to the task and riding Collins’ great wind North.  The euphoria of a surge of lactic acid in your thighs does not come from sitting around and having a few beers.  The image left on the retina comes from standing on the peak and watching the lightning strike, not from sitting in the valley and talking about how you’ll see it one day if you just keep walking.

I want to be surrounded by those who take breathers when they need them, and  by those who only need them once in a great while.  I want to revel, but I want to have a reason to do it.  No summer breeze is so sweet as the one that kisses you after a long day of work.  With this in mind, the long days become the best ones.

I want people who understand that.

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